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Storytelling Coaching & Consulting

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What topics we can help you with

In addition to our workshop program, we offer individual and continuous coaching and consulting:

  • We support your with your continuous thinking and formulation work on your business model, your reason why and your vision:»What is the big picture / the story behind it?« or »How can I describe what I am doing?«.
  • We help you to define the role of your entrepreneurial activity, e.g. the service portfolio or cases, in the context of the larger story: “»What is the proof of concept?«
  • Together with you we develop a new language to describe what you do, without empty phrases – so that you not only reach your target group, but also the audience of like-minded people and »comrades-in-arms«.
  • We advise you on the alignment of performance, partnerships, HR, New Business with the big story: »Does the opportunity fit the story and how do we embed it?«
  • We advise you on the systematic development of arguments that go beyond the usual phrases and pure facts – storytelling weaves the facts into a good story.
  • We support you in the preparation of talks, lectures or presentations with feedback and suggestions for optimization.
  • We develop suitable formats to get in touch with the audience: in digital space with website and blog, in the real world at conferences and lectures, in the press with professional articles or book projects.

How we work with you

We firmly believe that in the digital age you cannot simply outsource elementary topics such as your identity, purpose or your story to a service provider. Rather, you have to integrate them into your own way of thinking and corporate culture. That’s why the model of our collaboration is »helping people to help themselves«: We are, usually over a longer period of time, sparring partners in the internal/external role, working closely with one or more people in the house.

  • The foundation for our cooperation is always a story matrix, which we develop together in one or more workshops.
  • If you subsequently decide on coaching, we will regularly exchange information in a Jour Fixe (approx. every 2-3 weeks), by telephone, Zoom Call or also at meetings in the real world.
  • You book an agreed, monthly contingent of hours with us, as long as you need it. We work on a basis of trust, without contracts or notice periods.

Every collaboration and every phase has a different effort, but here are some empirical values:

  • Orientation phase: When the story matrix as the foundation of our cooperation is ready, experience shows that an orientation phase is needed in which we have to enter into a common mindset and start to apply the story. Mode: Regular Jour Fixe, medium intensity
  • Development phase: In this phase, from the story, we develop the formats and platforms we need in order to make the story work continuously, to anchor it in the corporate culture and to connect it with the outside world. Mode: More frequent and short-term meetings, high intensity
  • »Story First Aid-Kit«: You need ad hoc support, e.g. with the preparation of an appointment or a lecture. Mode: fast troubleshooting



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