The workshop for entrepreneurs who want to become writers of their own story

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What is this workshop about?

As an entrepreneur you are constantly busy telling your story. What does your company stand for? What exactly do you do? Where are you coming from? And where are you going? You have to continuously communicate all this to the inwards and outwards: Not only to your employees, but also to customers, investors, partners, the press and the general public. But: How can you overcome your blind spot for your best topics? How do you tell your story in such a way that it not only provides rational arguments, but really inspires? How can you free yourself from worn-out marketing language and the eternal sales pitch and place your company in the context of relevant, authentic and visionary topics?

A good story is not only a prerequisite for business, it also creates identity; it positions, convinces, motivates, inspires audiences – and is able to change your company and the way it connects with the world.

Who is this workshop for?

Doers who have never written their story to their own satisfaction. Driven visionaries who want to sort their heads out to see their direction more clearly. Experts who have the gnawing feeling that nobody knows how good they are and who want to connect more with their audience. Executives who want to sharpen their company profile with a story matrix and positioning. Entrepreneuers who know story is not only a powerful tool for finding their narrative, but also for designing your business – and your life.

What is the result?

A story matrix including positioning, suitable for working on the big picture and the overall direction, as well as application in day-to-day business, e.g. for your own presentation, for website or press texts. Our workshop »Design your Purpose« is suitable as in-depth workshop. Story matrix and positioning are also a suitable basis for our consulting and coaching program.

Structure and exemplary story modules

Based on our experience in brand development combined with the principles of storytelling, we have developed a modular workshop program. On this basis, each workshop is individually prepared and tailored to the respective needs.


Module Business Model
What are you – manufacturer, dealer, service provider, consultant – or a bit of everything? What you do makes you who you are – and has a direct effect on your language. What is the core of your performance? How does your business work internally? In this module we discuss the structural need for clarification, for example in the product portfolio as well as the need for change, for example from the service to the product.

Module Innovation Path
Where did you come from? What was the basic idea behind your business when you started? How did it develop? Where is the »red thread« that can be further spun and continuously points the way into the future? In our module »Innovation Path« we focus on a pattern that you may not have seen before; a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy; a dramaturgy in your own story that you can tell: the perfect storyline, so to speak.

Module Central Figures
No story without clear characters: Who are the central figures in the company? Which roles do they play, outwardly and inwardly? And above all: What do they stand for? In many companies these questions are unresolved or highly political; in this module we talk about the central figures and their message: in favour of more transparency, systematic knowledge transfer – and a coherent story.

Module Connect
How you connect with the world doesn’t have to follow the industry standard. Rather, it’s about finding your own way. What do you want to be? Sharing your knowledge as an expert, provide a glimpse behind the scenes as an open platform, or working on your myth? This module deals with basic communication behaviour: the tension between »push« and »pull«. The decision what you want to reveal about yourself and what makes you interesting because you don’t tell it.

Workshop Mode and Dates

Single Workshop
In the Single Workshop we deal exclusively with an entrepreneur / a company.
Location: In our experience, it’s easier to think freely outside your own office, so we recommend coming to us. The workshop will take place at our workshop space at Sophienstraße 20 (downtown Munich, between Königsplatz and Stachus); with catering and good coffee.
Duration: approx. 6 hours; e.g. 10am to 5pm with lunch break
Participants: 1-3 people of a company

Group Workshop
In the Group Workshop several participants have the opportunity to work on the story of their company. Interactive Elements and Writing Sprints, Discussion.
Participants: 6-12 of different companies

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